My Worst Experience on Ebay Ever! — continued

24 08 2008

All quiet on the ebay front for one day.

The following day, the voice of reason appears in the guise of “my husband.”

This is concerning the cups. I had a talk with my husband tonight. He has read what is going on. The package is due to get here tomorrow. My husband has said that if the cups aren’t broken when they get here, to take a picture of them and send that to you. Then if your still interested, all you will have to do is pay shipping and insurance to get them. That however all depends on what happens tomorrow.

We must congratulate “my husband” for a brilliant, diplomatic maneuver.  I hope he works for the State Department.  He has obviously has had years of training in the trenches…

“My husband,” realizing that the cups are probably, as I said, broken, has allowed his wife to save face (“you’re right, honey.  He’s a jerk.  How dare he question you putting 3″ wide mugs in a 3″ wide box!  We’ll show him.  You just send him a picture.  That’ll get him.”), yet subtly acknowledging the fact that indeed, in all likely-hood, a sane person would know the difference between the little charming tinkle sound of popcorn moving in a cup to the sloshing, grating, crashing sound of broken pottery.

And now, gentle readers, the fateful ARRIVAL OF THE BOX!

The set of cups arrived today. Unfortunately one of them was completely smashed. The other one only had a broken handle which we will be fixing. It broken in 3 places, the cup itself in ok. I am very sorry for this happening and come Monday I will reimburse your money. If the other cup interests you please let me know and I can work something out with you on it. Otherwise after Monday you won’t receive anymore emails from me. Again I am sorry for this.

Eating Crow…?

We debated how to respond to this…obviously the wife does not like to receive emails, since she forbade me to email her and has projected her own loathing of the ubiquitous email with her, “you won’t receive any more emails from me,” as if I too, shared her dislike of the poor email.

Naturally we would like to give her a comeuppance, however it seems “my husband” has already taken care of that.  And she apologized.

We feel sorry for this woman; her fury at life swirling around the “impeccable packaging” of two mugs, purchased for $5.50, that a stranger dared to question.  Perhaps her existence, like her packaging, is perfect on the outside but shattered on the inside?

And so, we decided to keep things short and simple:

No thank you.  The refund will suffice.